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What is hallmark?



Due to the uncertain international delivery time and the lock down policy in UK.

We have suspended this hallmarking service since the broke out of Covid-19.

Products made in Taiwan after February of 2020 will no longer have UK hallmark.


In the UK and most of the European area, selling precious metal (e.g. silver, gold, platinum and palladium) goods requires verification by the Assay Office. 

This is to prevent makers from deceiving customers about the material they use. 

The Assay Office will apply hallmarks on metalwork if its material meets the standard after testing. 

The traditional UK hallmark consists of 5 symbols. 

From left to right are: Maker’s name in abbreviation, symbol of the material, purity of the material, Assay Office mark, alphabet that represents the hallmark year.

Once people purchase a jewellery with a hallmark on it, they will be able to source back the original maker and the hallmarking year via the Assay Office. 


This system can also be seen as the earliest model of Intellectual Property Rights since 1300.

Eunice Kuo Metalwork sends most of our jewelleries for hallmarking except products which are very linear that they do not have space for hallmarks. 

Please ask our staff if you are in doubt.

Demonstration of a hallmark (NOT Eunice Kuo Metalwork’s hallmark)-

From left to right:Maker registration mark, metal, purity of metal, symbol of assay office, symbol of year

Image from The Goldsmith's Company- Assay Office website